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The Seventh Day Sabbath Truth

The Sabbath Law

The Seventh day has been blessed and sanctified. God blessed that day and sanctified it forever, that is very clear from the Scriptures.

Facts About the Sabbath

Below you will see a list of irrefutable facts concerning the seventh day sabbath from the Bible. These facts show us that the 7th day Sabbath has never been abolished or changed to another day.

During the Ministry of Jesus and NT Church

The Sabbath was a big issue during the ministry of Jesus. The issue was not what day is the Sabbath, but rather how to keep it.

10 Reasons why the Sabbath is not Jewish

Here are the Ten Reasons Why the Sabbath is not Jewish, but for all mankind.

Why keep the Sabbath

God blessed the Sabbath (placed a special benefit on it. God sanctified the Sabbath (set it apart for a holy purpose). All this was done from the seventh day of creation. (Genesis 2:2,3).

Colossians 2:16 and Sabbath

Colossians 2:16 is the one particular verse in the Bible that many Christians who don't observe the seventh day sabbath like to quote, to suggest that the sabbath day is no longer binding and that you can keep any day you like.

How to keep the Sabbath

As you read this page, remember that the Sabbath hours are consecrated HOLY TIME.

What Day is the Sabbath?

So what day is the Sabbath? Can we really know what day is the Sabbath? Would God say “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy” if it was impossible to find out what day to remember?

The Sabbath

Lord, I have been thinking about the Sabbath. Some people keep it; some say it isn’t important. Should I be concerned about it?

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