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The Sabbath Law

The Seventh day has been blessed and sanctified. God blessed that day and sanctified it forever, that is very clear from the Scriptures. However, the Bible speaks of no command to keep the Sabbath before Mount Sinai. Before man sinned, all the Sabbath was, was an appointment, a meeting time between God and man when they could enjoy each other’s company. Did God’s people keep it before Mount Sinai? I am sure that there were people who did, but they did not do it as an obligation, not because they were commanded to do it, with threat of punishment, but simply because they loved God and cherished the blessing he had provided.

The Scripture says very clearly that the law was made for unrighteous people. In other words, the need to command people with the threat of punishment arose only because God was dealing with carnal, unconverted people who did not love him. When the relationship of love is restored by the born again experience, there is no need for God to command his people to worship him. That in itself would be self-defeating because love cannot be commanded. By its very nature, when love is demanded, it dies. Conformity and hypocritical behavior may be commanded, but not the true service of love.

I am not suggesting that the information concerning the Sabbath is no longer relevant. The Sabbath is still a wonderful appointment which God has set apart and blessed for the purpose of fellowshipping with his children. Why would any Christian neglect such a privilege?

However, God’s people are no longer under the law, we are not governed by the law, the demands of the law are no longer the basis on which we operate. Our service to God is based entirely upon the motivation of a new nature which operates on the basis of love and devotion to God – not the fearful servitude of slaves.

The only person who needs a court order to support his child is the devilish person who does not want to do it. The law is like that, it is God’s court order to those who have evil minds. For the father who loves his child, it is insultive for someone to order him to support his child. It is totally unnecessary, because he does not operate on that level.

(Source: Restoration Ministry)

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