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What Day is the Sabbath?

1) “The seventh day is the Sabbath” Exodus 20:10

2) Jesus Christ Knew Jesus “went into the synagogue on the sabbath day.” Luke 4:16.

3) Ask any Jew Jews have been keeping the same Sabbath on Saturday for over 3000 years.

4) The Calendar The calendar was changed once, in 1582, from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian. Thursday, October 4, was followed by Friday, October 15. No change has ever affected the weekly sequence. Most calendars show Saturday as the seventh day.

5) 105 Languages In over 100 languages the name for the seventh day, or Saturday, is “the Sabbath.” For example, Saturday in Spanish is “Sabado.” In Italy, “Sabbato.” In Russia, “Subbota.” In Poland, “Sobota.” Etc.

6) Webster's Dictionary “Saturday: the 7th day of the week.” “Sunday: the first day of the week.”

7) The World Book Encyclopedia “Sabbath ... It comes on Saturday, the seventh day of the week.”

8) The Biblical Sequence of the Crucifixion Weekend Jesus died on “Good Friday,” the day before the Sabbath. Luke 23:46, 54. When the sun went down, the woman rested on “the sabbath day according to the commandment.” Luke 23:56. Jesus rose on what is called “Easter Sunday,” the “first day of the week.” Luke 24:1, 6.

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