The Truth about God

Can We Really Know God?

Is God pleased when His people do not know Him? Is it important to know God? What does knowing God involve?

The One True God in the 3 Angels Messages

The Three Angels Messages is a set of important messages that has been proclaimed to the world since the 1800's. And we find these messages in Revelation 14. These messages are of so great importance that they are shown as being proclaimed with 'LOUD VOICES'.

The term Godhead

In the entire Bible you’ll find this word "Godhead" mentioned just three times. Let’s look at all three briefly.

God is a Personal Being, an individual

Because God is a Person we are able to have a personal relationship with Him, as real and as close as we may have with any human being.

Who is THE GOD of the Bible?

According to the Old Testament, how many Gods are there? According to the New Testament, how many Gods are there? According to Jesus, who is “the only true God”?

Jesus came to reveal the Father

Jesus came to reveal the Father, not the Trinity. There are many Bible verses which state that Jesus Christ came to reveal the Father to the world.

God is the the Supreme Ruler

The Bible everywhere identifies the Sovereign of the universe as one almighty Being, a supreme Ruler to whom all others are subject. Because God is sovereign, His will is supreme in the universe.

God is a spirit and universally present

God is a spirit, He must not be treated or regarded as one having the limitations of humanity. His worship cannot be limited to any particular place. God is universally present, in constant personal touch with every part of His creation.