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This (sunlight) is one of nature’s most healing agents.” (Ellen G. White)


“If all would appreciate the sunshine, and expose every article of clothing to its drying, purifying rays, mildew and mould would be prevented… This is the only way rooms can be kept from impurities… Every room in our dwellings should be daily thrown open to the healthful rays of the sun and the purifying air should be invited in.  This will be a preventive of disease.” Health Reformer Articles. (Ellen G. White).


Sunlight is available to all, although in some countries, there are less sunny days than others. However, this is not the greatest problem. Unfortunately, some people are afraid of the sun, for fear of burning and skin cancer.
But the effect of sunlight actually electrifies the air with negative ions that produce an exhilarating feeling -- a feeling of well-being.
Although sunshine is not the only negative ion producer, it definitely does aid in our quest for a cheerful spirit, and we are commended, “Go out into the light and warmth of the glorious sun... and share with vegetation its life-giving, health-dealing power.”

Although it appears that skin cancer is increasing, experiments have shown that the problem is not in the sunshine, but in the diet. However, for safety it is wise to have full exposure in hours other than when the sun is at its fullest strength.

Modern Discoveries:


1. Sunlight converts cholesterol into vitamin D, lowering the blood cholesterol. Vitamin D provides a host of advantages to the body, including prevention of many types of cancer and better calcium absorption, which in turn helps prevent osteoporosis and tooth decay, makes stronger denser bones, and speeds bone repair.


2. Sunlight kills many germs and enhances the immune system by increasing gamma globulin, and raising the number and effectiveness of the white blood cells which destroy germs. Lightly tanned skin resists germs and infection much better than untanned skin. Many skin diseases respond well to controlled doses of sunlight. For a clean, fresh bed, expose bedding to sunlight. It's better to let the sunlight into your homes and risk a little faded furniture than to keep the shades drawn at all times. The health of the occupants is more precious than any expensive furniture.


3. Sunlight soothes the nervous system and is important in treating depression. It gives a sense of well-being by increasing endorphin production in the brain.


4. Sunlight strengthens the cardiovascular system. It improves the circulation, lowers the heart rate, and normalizes the blood pressure and blood sugar.


5. Sunlight aids in digestion and weight loss, increasing the metabolism by stimulating thyroid production.


6. Sunlight improves sleep. Natural light exposure in daytime increases melatonin output at night.


7. The sick are greatly benefited by the sun due to its healing properties. Sunlight enhances waste elimination by improving liver function; it is an effective treatment for jaundice. It relieves the kidneys of some of their burden by eliminating wastes through the skin when you sweat.

Moderate work or exercise outdoors every day will secure these benefits and more. We receive the sun's rays even on cloudy days; however ordinary window glass filters out 95% of the useful ultraviolet light.



Ultraviolet light and skin cancer:

Sun should be taken in moderation. Over-exposure to sunlight is a major risk factor for skin cancer. Melanoma, a quick spreading skin cancer that is fatal in 20% of cases, is associate with lack of regular sun exposure and repeated burning of the skin. Avoid sunburn, getting your sunshine in small doses. Take great care between 10 am and 3 pm, particularly in summer when the sun is strongest.


Excessive sunshine, especially sunburn, increases your risk of skin cancer. However, sunlight provides so many benefits that avoiding it is not a healthy choice. At least ten minutes of sunlight per day is necessary to maintain good health.

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