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Vegan Russian Salad

If you love potato salad you'll love this one even more!

Salad Ingredients:

5 Large Carrots (peeled and steamed until cooked)

10 Large Potatoes (peeled and boiled until cooked)

1 cup of Peas

½ cup sweet cucumber pickles (optional)

½ cup vegan ham

A few springs of fresh dill (or dried)

2 tsp Black salt (this gives a very eggy taste)

2-3 cups of vegan Mayonnaise


  1. Allow carrots to cool and dice into cubic.

  2. Wash boiled potatoes under cold water to cool them down, once cool, dice into cubic.

  3. Refrigerate cubed potatoes and carrots for a good 1-2 hours to firm up, so when you go to mix it all up, they won't get mushy. 

  4. Transfer all ingredients into a large mixing bowl.

  5. Mix well and adjust taste if needed

    Note: The original recipe in Russian potato salad uses eggs. In this vegan version the use of black salt is important as it will give the salad that extra creamy eggy smell and taste.


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