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The Divine Calling of the daughters of Eve

In our last edition, we were reminded that God has a plan and purpose for our lives and that this plan includes our marriage. We were encouraged to desire to bring pleasure to God because that is our purpose for existing. (Rev. 4:11). We would be saved much unhappiness if we realized that our enemy is not another human being but Satan, who wants to steal our joy, and that the key to our victory is a relationship with God, the Divine Architect.

Before sin entered this earth, God spoke His first “not good.” Throughout the six days of creation, everything He looked at was good in His eyes, all but one thing. Man was alone and God said it was,” not good” (Genesis 2:18-20). In other words, man needed someone who could share his responsibilities, respond to his nature with understanding and love, and wholeheartedly cooperate with him in working out the plans of God.

Man was not made to dwell in solitude; he was to be a social being. Without companionship the beautiful scenes and delightful employments of Eden would have failed to yield perfect happiness. Even communion with angels could not have satisfied his desire for sympathy and companionship. There was no one of the same nature to love and to be loved. {Conflict & Courage, 14.2}

The solution was Eve, the first woman and the first wife. She was the helper God created for Adam. She was God’s solution to man’s need for a helper and a companion. Together they were perfectly complete.

This is the divine calling of the daughters of Eve. It is true but sad that the traditions of our world today have warped our concept and many sisters believe it to be a lowering of status to be described as “helpmeet” to another. Society refers to the position of a helper as one who was not successful financially and academically and is forced to resort to menial pay and back breaking, sometimes embarrassing jobs to make ends meet. Praise God that is not what He meant when He used the words, “HELP MEET”

The role of being a perfectly helpful companion does not make one inferior to the one God describes as being “the head.” The leader’s place of authority does not mean he is better, it only means that the helper is there to help him do his job – better! There is no loss of dignity in subordination when it serves a higher purpose.

Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favor from the Lord. (Proverbs 18:22)

If you are a wife, you were created to fill a need, and in that capacity you are a good thing , a helpmeet suited to the needs of a man.

God made you a help meet to your husband so you can bolster him, making him more productive and efficient at whatever he chooses to do. God’s will for my life as a wife is that I be a helper fit and well suited to my husband. I do have a choice in what my marriage will be, whether an institution after God’s order, or something more in keeping with the confused roles of today’s unions..

……neither was the man created for the woman: but the woman for the man. (1 Cor. 11:8-9)

I know this may sound crazy, weird and contrary to the normal mode of thinking, but I am learning that many of the things we accept to be true are so because Satan has warped, (or so he thinks) God’s design, in order to create anarchy in the world similar to what he tried in heaven. Remember, marriage is God’s design. Something has gone wrong.

Look around you my sister; look at your marriage, your mother’s marriage, and your best friend’s marriage: what is the problem? Is it the manufacturers fault, or did we not follow the user’s manual? I recognized when I stopped to look, that it was the latter.

God celebrated the first marriage. Thus the institution has for its originator the Creator of the universe. “Marriage is honorable” (Heb. 13:4); it was one of the first gifts of God to man, and it is one of the two institutions that, after the fall, Adam brought with him beyond the gates of Paradise . When the divine principles are recognized and obeyed in this relation, marriage is a blessing; it guards the purity and happiness of the race, it provides for man’s social needs, it elevates the physical, the intellectual, and the moral nature. – {Faith I Live By 251.4}

Does it surprise you when I say that God gave you as a precious gift to your husband? This is how God created you and it is your purpose for existing. Surprise again? Let me ask you something, would it bring pleasure to God for you to love, honor and be a helper fitting the needs of your husband? If your answer is yes, then you recognize that you exist, and were created for God’s pleasure (Rev. 4:11). In fulfilling this role you are in harmony with the master’s design.

….but she that is married careth for the things of the world, how she may please her husband. (1 Cor 7:34)

Regardless of who you are or what your talents may be, God’s will is that you be a suitable helper to your husband.

You may question whether God desires you to be a helper to a man whose behaviour may be far from desirable, but who says he has to deserve it? You can only realize the full potential of your womanhood when you are functioning according to your created nature. It is not a question of whether or not you can do a better job than he; it is a matter of doing what you were designed to do as unto God and not to man.

You have a great work, a sacred, holy calling to exemplify the Christian graces as a faithful wife and mother; to be lovable, patient, kind, yet firm, in your home life; to learn right methods and acquire tact for the training of your own little ones, that they may keep the way of the Lord. As a humble child of God, learn in the school of Christ ; seek constantly to improve your powers to do the most perfect, thorough work at home, both by precept and example. {TSB 40.2}

The family tie is the closest, the most tender and sacred, of any on earth. It was designed to be a blessing to mankind. And it is a blessing wherever the marriage covenant is entered into intelligently, in the fear of God, and with due consideration for its responsibilities. {FLB 251.5}

I pray it is your desire to please God in every area of your life. There are clear guidelines that are set out in His word. Let us embrace any advice that does not contradict the word of God and is geared to crucify self and bring glory to Him. This is not something which is easy to do, but the spirit of God is available to all who are willing to surrender self-will and live a life in Christ Jesus.

My final question to you is, If God created a special woman, perfectly suited to be your husband’s helper, would you be that woman?

Your sister in Christ

Naomi Morris

(Source: Restoration Ministry)

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