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Understand the Character of God

The Greatest Parable

One of the hardest questions for Christians to answer, is the question of the brutal, sometimes merciless, genocidal killings in the Old Testament.

Images of God

I have often compared the Ten Commandments to a photograph, because we say they are an expression of God’s character.

Obsessed With Glory

Richard Dawkins is probably one of the most well known atheists in the world at the moment....

Who died on Calvary?

The salvation of planet earth depends upon the identity of the One who was crucified on Calvary. Who was this person who claimed that He was the Son of God? Why is it important that we be certain of His identity?

Satan’s Deadliest Lie

What lie of Satan strikes at the very heart of the Christian faith? What is this deadly lie which completely destroys the most vital elements of Christianity? This article presents the answer in a simple way which is easy to understand.

God is love

There are many who are convinced that God is truly an almighty Being, the One who is Ruler of the entire universe, yet still, they will not serve Him. Why? The reason is that they do not know the kind of Person that God is in His character.

Does God kill?

Among the many strange, and in some cases, new doctrines which have appeared on the horizon of Seventh-day Adventism during its short history, is a doctrine which has been referred to as "the character of God" message by those who embrace it.

The Key of Knowledge

Our Lord, Jesus was always making statements which seemed strange and mystical.

Did God create evil / sin?

A University professor at a well known institution of higher learning challenged his students with this question. "Did God create everything that exists?"

God's revelation, Jesus Christ

If we wish to know God as He is we must find Him in His revelation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The knowledge of God in The Last Days

If the whole purpose of life is to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength (Mark 12:30), then it is obvious that any doctrine which is worth knowing, must have some relationship to this supreme purpose of knowing and loving God with all our being.

Measure of God's loveDavid Clayton
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Does God kill?David Clayton
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