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Recommended Reading

A Band of Ragamuffins

One of the remarkable things about the independent movement which is sweeping through the ranks of Christendom and Adventism, is the fact that it is a movement largely led by common people...

God Alone is Good

As we have emphasized over and over, God alone is good (Matt. 19:17; Rev. 15:4). There is no place or person in the universe where goodness may be found unless God is dwelling there.

The Complete Gospel Verse

In this article I would like to examine a verse that I consider the most complete Gospel verse in the Bible. Strangely enough this verse is found in the Old Testament.

The Purpose of Life

God’s apparent silence has been very challenging for Christians and believers in all ages. I often ask myself, why is God at times so silent?

Antichrist and The Comforter

There is a word in the Bible, which has caught the imagination of people over the centuries, it is the word, “antichrist.”

Perfected Forever

Very early in my experience as a Christian I developed a strong desire to be perfect. I read of the experience of the great Bible patriarchs and I developed a deep desire to be like them.

The Key of Knowledge

Our Lord, Jesus was always making statements which seemed strange and mystical. These statements were most often misunderstood by many of those who were present, but many years later as we are able to look back at the life of Jesus, his teaching and his mission, the meaning of many of these statements becomes very clear. One such statement is found in Luke 11:52.

Who Is A Christian

As soon as people find out that I am a Christian, one of the first questions that I am often asked, is, “which church do you belong to?

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