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Sweet Tahini Spread


If you're like me, straight tahini can taste a little overpowering/bitter and my kids really don't like it. Can't blame them though, my hubby doesn't either. But combine it with some honey and you have the most amazingly creamy spread you can ever imagine.

This spread has become one of my kids’ favourite spreads and a stable on our pancakes, toasts, oatmeal and much more. A must try, you will love it!


1 cup hulled Tahini paste

3-4 Tbsp Organic Honey (more or less according to taste)


Mix through thoroughly and adjust for taste.
If the tahini still tastes a little bitter or strong for your liking add more honey.

If you prefer the tahini to be more prominent use less honey or add more tahini paste.

Note: You can also mix tahini paste with Rosehip jam, strawberry jam or any other jam you fancy, which also makes for a great tasting spread.

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