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Tumors and Cancers


Grated carrots make an excellent poultice. Boil carrots until soft, or they can be used raw. Mash to a pulp, add some vegetable oil to keep from hardening, spread on a cloth, and apply to cancerous sores.

Activated charcoal

In 1909, Sticker reported that rapidly growing round-celled sarcomas in dogs were completely stopped from growth by the application of charcoal.

Make a charcoal poultice by mixing charcoal and water, and spreading it on a cloth.


Crude blackstrap molasses is a mineral-full wonder food—in fact, 10% of its content is minerals. Gram for gram, it contains more iron than any other food, except pig's liver and Brewer's Yeast.

Molasses contains five times more calcium than milk, and is abundant source of all B vitamins, copper, potassium, and phosphorus. There are also sizable amounts of the trace mineral chromium in blackstrap molasses. Chromium helps maintain blood sugar levels.

Molasses should be used regularly to prevent cancer, especially cancer of the blood. Take 1 teaspoon of molasses before meals. Mix it with a little water and sip it. A stagnant cellular condition contributes in large measure to cancerous conditions, including breast cancer. Molasses can play an important role in preventing a stagnant cellular condition.

Cyril Scott, a noted English medical writer and one of the most leading authorities on Blackstrap Molasses, maintains that an important constituent of molasses is phosphoric acid; a combined deficiency of this and potassium in the human body "causes a general breakdown of the cells, especially those of the brain and nerves."

Dr. Forbes Ross, another English doctor, observed that workers on sugar can plantations, who were constantly sucking the crude sugar cane, seldom, if ever, were known to suffer from cancer.

To treat cancer and tumors, take 1 tablespoon of molasses, 2 times a day, along with vitamins A,C, and E. Molasses is good for the breast, uterus, intestines and tongue.

TUMORS (including Fibroids)

SYMPTOMS—Tumors, swellings, or growths on the body. They seem to contain solid or semifluid material and be abnormal in their growth.

CAUSES—When something has no apparent reason to be growing, it is growing abnormally. These structures are called tumors. They can be either benign or malignant (cancerous). Malignant tumors spread to other parts of the body; whereas benign ones generally do not spread.

Fibroids are tumors which most often occur in the uterus. Hysterectomies are done to remove them. But the effect of a hysterectomy on a woman's hormonal system can be devastating. Avoid them, if at all possible.

Diet and environment are special causes of tumors. Changing both can reverse the process, and even eliminate these strange growths.

It is best to eliminate them, whenever possible. Even the benign ones, although small, may later become cancerous.



• The body uses tumors as containers to store toxic waste collected throughout the body, when the system's natural ways of elimination are overloaded: the lungs, bowels, kidneys, liver, and skin. But when these channels of elimination become clogged or inadequate to care for the excess refuse, then the body starts manufacturing garbage cans (tumor cases) and placing the waste products in them.

• A physician can cut, burn, chemical, or radiate away the garbage can and its contents; but soon the body will manufacture more of them!

• The solution is to change your way of life. A complete change of diet is needed, along with improved ways of eliminating waste from the body.​

Three simple steps treatment:

(1). First step is to stop all sugar intake, without sugar in your body, cancer cell would die a natural death. (2). Second step is to blend a whole lemon fruit with a cup of hot water and drink it for about 1-3 months first thing before food and cancer would disappear, research by Maryland College of Medicine says, it's 1000 times better than chemotherapy. (3). Third step is to drink 3 spoonfuls of organic coconut oil, morning and night and cancer would disappear, you can choose any of the two therapies after avoiding sugar.

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