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Sweet and Sticky Caramelised

Tofu and Sausage

Serve along side other veggie dishes with brown rice, sticky rice or raw "rice"... 


  • ½ block of firm Dry Tofu

  • 2 Vegan Hotdog sausages

  • 1 Tbsp Tamari

  • 1-2 Tbsp honey

  • ½ Tbsp Vegan Chicken seasoning

  • 1 clove crushed garlic

  • 1-2 Tbsp Rice brand oil

  • A few drops of sesame seed oil (optional)

  • Sesame seeds for sprinkling over at the end (optional - though I forgot to do it this time)



  1. Dice Tofu into cubes and slice the sausages.

  2. Add oil to a non-stick pan and panfry the garlic until slightly golden.

  3. Take pan off the heat and add all the seasoning ingredients, roughly stir to mix together, and then add the tofu and sausages.

  4. On Med-Height heat gently stir and flip tofu and sausages around to coat with the seasonings and continue to stir and flip every so often for about 5-7mins until mostly caramelised.   Taste and adjust seasoning as desired.

  5. Sprinkel sesame seeds over the top if desired.


Note: You don't have to use vegan sausages, just the tofu itself is delish on its own.. serve this alongside other lightly cooked veggie dish and rice.

I often make this dish without the sausage and is very nice, you won't be the sausages.  These sausages are commercially made and has gluten, so technically it’s not the healthiest thing, but from time to time I do allow it. 


My kids love this dish (with or without the sausages) served on sticky rice, sprinkled of nuts over the top and raw creamy "rice" - that I like to add in next to the sticky rice for that extra raw healthy goodness. 

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