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Righteousness by Faith - Part 3

21 things happened in AD 31 for the first time

There are 21 things which happened in AD 31 for the first time:

Duty of Ministers to Present the Message of Righteousness by Faith

The following paragraphs furnish most excellent and appropriate counsel to ministers and other gospel workers,..

Is Justification, Salvation?

When we talk about salvation today, most Christians tend to focus on justification. In fact one of the phrases that is used to describe the message of righteousness in Christ, is, “Justification By Faith.”

The Law And The Gospel

The Letter versus the Spirit, Old Covenant versus New....

Do Works Justify?

Recently I criticized the use of a certain word by James, in his epistle addressed to the 12 tribes. In chapter 2 of this epistle James writes:

Genuine Freedom

In the beginning, God created one man. We have no record that God ever again created anyone from that time until today.

The Covenants Confusion

There is something very wrong with the way many Seventh-day Adventists understand the two covenants.

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