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The Search for the True Church

A Band of Ragamuffins

One of the remarkable things about the independent movement which is sweeping through the ranks of Christendom and Adventism, is the fact that it is a movement largely led by common people from the ordinary walks of life.

Personal Religion

There are some stories in the Bible which might make you laugh, but there are often deep lessons in these stories.

The Hands of God

We are the hands of God, the only agents which he is able to use in accomplishing his great work on behalf of humanity...

What Is the True Church?

In Paul’s letters, the word church is used in two different ways....

Demons in The Church

A woman is on the ground. Her body heaves and shudders under the control of some powerful force.

Religious Deception

The Bible speaks in many places of a terrible persecution which will arise against the people of God in the last days, just before Jesus returns.

The Truth vs man's systems

"Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." What is this truth which sets men free? Can it be found within the walls of a denomination?

Who Is A Christian

As soon as people find out that I am a Christian, one of the first questions that I am often asked, is, “which church do you belong to?”

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