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The Truth about Hell and Death

The Four Deaths

The word “death” is used in the Bible to refer to several states and admittedly, this can cause, and has caused some amount of confusion....

The wicked perish

What did the apostle Peter say to Simon the sorcerer, when Simon tried to buy the Holy Spirit with money?

Unquenchable Fire

Why does the Bible say that the wicked will be destroyed with unquenchable fire?

Their Worm Does Not Die

In Mark 9:43–48, Christ evidently referred to the same judgment fires as those described in Isaiah 66:24, where we read:

What Happens When We Die?

Many are always seeking answers on death like what happens when you die? Do some soar to heaven while others descend to hell?

The word Hell in the Bible

The word “hell” is found 54 times in the King James Bible. It is translated from several different words with various meanings as indicated below:

Rich man and Lazarus

The Rich man and Lazarus parable is a greatly misunderstood topic in the Bible and one that many Christians use to defend their belief that God is going to burn the lost for ever and ever.

The word "Forever" in the Bible

Let's look at some Bible verses concerning the word 'forever', so that we can get some good Biblical background concerning this concept.

Everlasting fire & Everlasting punishment

Matthew 25:41 speaks of “everlasting fire” for the wicked. Does it go out? Yes. According to the Bible, it does. We must let the Bible explain itself.

Soul Sleep

Jesus spoke of death as sleeping. Not about going to heaven or hell when we die, but sleeping.

Could a "Loving" God burn people for eternity?

Would heaven really be a place of 'joy' if our loved ones were burning for all eternity in pain and much suffering? No, it would be torture for us too!

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