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The way of Salvation Simplified

Whatever we receive in the plan of salvation, it had to be something that Jesus first experienced. If he didn’t experience it, then we cannot have it.

God’s way of operating is the law of consequence. He placed Adam in charge of this world and whatever Adam did, the consequences would come upon all his descendants. So we are sinners, we are carnal, we are helpless BY INHERITANCE. Adam sinned and we all, by consequence, became sinners. Everything we are and have is what we received from Adam.

The plan to save man works on the same principle. Jesus became the second Adam. Whatever he obtained, we obtain by being joined to his life. So Jesus died to sin, so we can die to sin in him. Jesus rose from the dead, so there will be a resurrection from the dead. Jesus lives a life of victory and power today, so in him, we possess the same life.

Before Jesus came and lived and died as a man, God could, and did give his holy spirit to men. Elijah, Moses, Daniel, were all examples of men who had the spirit of God. But it was not the spirit of one who had overcome sin. In that spirit which they received, there was not a life which could SAVE. They could be empowered, but not saved. What we obtain today is the SAVING LIFE of Christ, the life that contains all the elements which we need for salvation, for victory over sin.

This is why the life of God alone cannot save us, it had to be the life of Christ, who became one of us and overcame on our behalf. When he was glorified, this saving spirit came, first at Pentecost and ever since, to all who will receive him.

(Source: Restoration Ministry)

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